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Shonte Barnes' UFC Strawweight Rankings

The rankings are out for the UFC's new strawweight female division, but correspondent Shonte Barnes produced his own list of how he'd structure the 115 class at this point.

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Valor Spotlight: Best Ammy Fights Of 2014

In this Valor Spotlight, Editor John Moorehouse and Assistant Editor Randy Stamey each identify their top three amateur fights from 2014 events.

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UFC's Reebok Deal Puts More Pressure On Fighters

The UFC announced a huge apparel and merchandising deal with Reebok that will increase the money available for fighter pay. It also means an even greater emphasis on results for the fighters under contract, as owner/editor John Moorehouse explains in this opinion piece.

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Dear MMA Fans, Don't Be That Guy correspondent Josh Boyd  breaks out his list of the unwritten rules of fan conduct at an MMA event in this opinion piece.

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Fight Time 21 Review

MMA-Insider South Florida correspondent reviews Fight Time 21 and also explains his decisions behind the post-fight awards from this November 7 event in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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Cancellations Don't Derail BMF Invitational 3

After there were 18 cancellations and dropouts on the card for BMF Invitational 3 this past Sunday in Clarksville, MMA-Insider contributor Josh Boyd filed this opinion piece on how withdrawals negatively affect the sport.

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WMMA Wednesday: Jessica Cooke's Journey

Jessica Cooke is the newest member of the staff, and she'll be focusing her attention on covering events in West Tennessee and Mississippi, while also contributing to our WMMA Wednesday feature. As an amateur fighter herself, we asked her to provide some first-person perspective on her journey in the world of mixed martial arts. 

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A Mom's Guide to MMA: Wow, It's Bloody

How one stay-at-home mom became indoctrinated into the world of MMA. 

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Want TUF To Stop Sucking?

Josh Cate thinks The Ultimate Fighter sucks. Boring fights and lackluster talent make TUF, well, tough to watch. He thinks he's a got a solution. See if you agree.

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SHP Spotlight: SHP 34 Wish List

Strikehard Productions is planning to hold its next event on July 26, as SHP 34 takes place in Birmingham, Ala. In this week's edition of the SHP Spotlight series at, we look at three rematches that would be intriguing additions to the fight card.

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