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Post Fight Interview with Austin Cowan
Audio Interview with Austin Cowan.

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Bishop Wins Debut at 3FC
MMA-Insider gets the interview with Ashley Bishop after her debut win.

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3FC 11 Live Feed

3FC 11: Boiling Points showcases Travis Shelton vs. Adam Townsend in the most anticipated match ever in this region.

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Holtzman Still Undefeated

MMA-Insider contributor Randy Stamey takes a look at Scott Holtzman's latest fight at XFC 18.

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XFC 18: Music City Mayhem: Nate Landwehr vs. Billy Mullins
We take a closer look at this prelim between Nate Landwehr and Billy Mullins at XFC 18: Music City Mayhem.

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MMA-Insider's live round-by-round report on XFC 18: Music City Mayhem, from Nashville.

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"Taz" Ferguson Interview

Earlier this month, the Premier Fighting Challenge (PFC) put on its fourth amateur MMA event. In addition to bringing in amateur fighters from all over the area to compete, PFC promoters Chris Taylor and Channing Wimmer had Josh “Taz” Ferguson, an alum of The Ultimate Fighter, there to check out the fights. Ferguson took time out of his busy schedule to sit down with me as we talk about where he came from, his time on Ultimate Fighter, and how he found his way down here to this little town in Virginia.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The PFC made its return to MMA on May 19 in Tazewell after more than a year's absence. MMA-Insider Contributor Randy Stamey was on hand. Here are his thoughts on the fights as they happened, plus comments from several of the competitors.

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PHOTO: (From left) Nate Marquardt, Randy Stamey and Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson at Upstate Karate in Simpsonville, S.C.

(Photo courtesy of Randy Stamey)

By Randy Stamey

In case you haven’t heard, Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson is one of the newest members of the UFC roster.  He made his debut at UFC 143 against Dan Stittgen, and walked away with Knockout of the Night thanks to a devastating head kick, leaving little doubt in peoples’ mind if this guy was for real.  Next, “Wonderboy” is taking on an opponent that is very outspoken about this fight.  I will take a closer look at his fight, his training, and how he has ties to the Tri-Cities. 

My day started off with a drive down to Upstate Karate, in downtown Simpsonville, S.C..  The window is filled with Stephen’s accomplishments, and it’s hard to see hardly anything else.  When I walked into the doors the gym opens up into a massive training facility with a kickboxing ring, a cage, a weight room, and wrestling mats, just to name a few.  I walked to the cage to see Thompson sparing with UFC veteran Nate Marquardt, who has been cross training with Thompson for the past week.  Thompson’s stand up looked sharp, and you could tell he is ready for this fight with Matt Brown, formerly of The Ultimate Fighter.  Brown has been very outspoken about this fight stating that Thompson’s standup is “overrated”, and “I could go 100-0 if I fought idiots.”

I asked Stephen about those comments. His response?

“I don’t let that get to me too much; I just let that give me fuel for training,” Thompson said. “He said he wanted to keep it standing, but I think he’s luring me to a false sense of security, and going to try to take me down, but where ever the fight may go I’m ready.” 

Stephen has been training in the art of Kempo since he was three years old, and accumulated a 56-0 record as world champion kick boxer, but that is not to be out done by his Jiu Jitsu.  He studies under Prof. Carlos Machado, and has been doing so on and off throughout the years. 

“I started at the age of 12 to just focus on just my striking because kickboxing was fairly big at the time,” Thompson said.  It wasn’t until a few a years ago I made the switch to MMA and started getting my wrestling and jiu jitsu better and better every day.”

On top of that, not only does he train six days a week, he also teaches what he has learned to the kids at his school.  I asked him how much he actually is able to still teach now that he is fighting in the UFC.

“There was about a week and half that I wasn’t here, but most of the time I’m here at the gym,” he said. “This is what I love to do. I love learning and teaching to the kids because I know what it gives them.  I’ve been doing this since I was a kid and I know it’s more about kicking and punching; it’s a good way of life.”

Even though Thompson’s hometown is Simpsonville, SC he does have ties to the Tri-Cities.  Chris Massie, owner of Bristol’s Mountain Empire Kempo Karate/MMA/Jiu-Jitsu, has studied under Ray Thompson, the UFC fighter’s father and trainer.

“My dad and Chris Massie have known each other for many years,” the younger Thompson said. “They are students and instructors under Tommy Seigler, who is head of the American Kempo Association.  Mr. Massie and Mr. Seigler have been like another father and coach to me, so that’s how me and him met.” 

All in all, this day was a dream come true for me as I met one of my favorite fighters, and get to see how he prepares for his upcoming fight in April. 

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