Global Proving Ground USA vs. Russia Results

Friday, December 19, 2014

From Pennsauken, N.J.

Featherweight (145) MMA: Peter Petties (Pro debut) vs Tim Dooling (1-3)

Round 1: The start of this contest is a dogfight from the gate. Petties is the more technical fighter throwing pin point headkicks with Dooling staying in Petties' face. Petties shoots putting Dooling on the cage for a heavy slam. Dooling gets to his feet only to be met by another slam. Once the fight gets back to its feet, Dooling stalks Pertties as both fighters trade vicious combos close what could possibly be round of the year.

Round 2: Dooling comes out the aggressor stalking Petties and taunting him with his hands down and smiles. Early in the round Dooling tees off on Petties with combinations to the head, but Petties weathers the storm to get the bout to the ground on top. Dooling does a great job on the bottom avoiding punishment and locks a triangle in the closing moments followed by some elbows. Proving to be too late, the bell rings and onto round 3

Round 3: Both fighters start the round active and intentions to get the W. They begin with back and forth exchanges but wind up on the mat for the duration of the round. Petties being on top attempted the ground and pound, but Dooling was very active on the bottom looking to lock up an armbar, which Petties slammed out of, to be caught in another triangle which Petties worked through to pepper some ground and pound to close the contest.

WIN: Peter Petties by unanimous decision

Featherweight (145) MMA: Solan Abanokov vs Mervin Rodriguez

Round 1: The fighters touch gloves but erupt in a violent exchange. No feeling out process here, as both fighters look for an early stoppage. Abanokov landed the slam to finish the exchange. Rodriguez is able to get the reversal as both fighters scramble trading dominant positions. Abanokov got to his feet, and as Rodriguez went to stand (with a knee down), Abanokov landed a flush head kick rendering Rodriguez unable to continue. Referee, Bill Bookwalter calls a halt to the contest ruling the stoppage a disqualification.

WIN: Mervin Rodriguez by DQ due to illegal head kick

GPG Welterweight (170) Title: Khusein Khaliev vs Tenyeh "Skinny man" Dixon

Round 1: Dixon paws a jab with Khailiev throwing the spinning hook kick. Dixon closes the distance for the takedown to avoid damage. Upon the takedown, Khaliev seeks the triangle to transition into an armbar which he quickly locks at 38 seconds of the opening stanza. 

WIN: Khusein Khaliev by submission (0:38, R1) via armbar to win the GPG Welterweight Title

Grappling: Anthony Morrison vs Abdullah Dadaeu

Round 1: Both fighters don't waste time as they jock for position. Morrison is able to get the takedown but Dadeau does a great job keeping control from the bottom looking for multiple submissions. A triangle choke looks close, but Morrison scrambles out to be caught in an armbar and taps.

WIN: Abdullah Dadaeu by submission (2:08, R1) via armbar

Grappling: Rustov Chsiev vs. Anton Berzin

Round 1: Both grapplers jockey for position with Chsiev pressing the action against the former TUF vet Berzin. With back and forth scrambles the round was close, as Berzin was quick to many reversals from the aggressive Chsiev.

Round 2: The Russian presses the action with Berzin doing a great job defending Chsiev's attempts. The bout hits the floor a few times as Berzin is on the defense. The round closes with Chriev having the advantage.

Round 3: This round is all Chsiev who pushes forward the entire round getting Berzin to the mat. Berzin was never in trouble in this bout, but it was a clear decision victory for Chsiev

WIN: Rustov Chsiev by submission


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