CFFC 44 Live Results

Saturday, December 14, 2014 

From Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA


Caleb Michaels vs. Shaun Teed

WIN:  Caleb Michaels

Greg Quarantello vs. James Jordan

WIN:  James Jordan

 Donta Wade vs. Tim Lutke

WIN: Tim Lutke by unaimous decision

Johnson Jajoute vs. Tim Kunkel

Round 1 - Kunkel opens with a striking clinic landing hard shots from the outside and beautiful dirty boxing in the clinch. The bout hits the ground and in a scramble, Jajoute gets top position looking to rain down ground and pound which Kunkel does a good job defending but gives up his back in a scramble. Jajoute spent the rest of the time peppering Kunkel to the side of the head to close the round.

Round 2 - The round starts slow with neither fighter pressing the action. Jajoute is the first go engage hurting Kunkel with a punch combination. Kunkel attempts a lazy shot, but Jajoute defends and gets dominant position on Kunkel's back to fire away ground and pound until the referee saw enough at 1:37 of the second round.

WIN:  Johnson Jajoute - TKO (1:37 second round)

Ricky Nuno vs. Troy Wittman

Round 1 - The round starts with the fighters wasting no time pumping the jab early and often. Nuno slows as Wittman keeps up with the pressure seemingly hurting Nuno with a few shots. Nuno shoots and scores the takedown but keep Wittman down long as Wittman scrambled go his feet and begins stalking Nuno again by walking him down. Wittman attempted a headkick which Nuno ducked and took Wittman down landing some ground and pound to close the round.

Round 2 - Both fighters start the round with heavy punch combinations looking to stop the other in their tracks. With neither of them landing too successfully, the action slows, as both fighters methodically start picking their striking combinations. Wittman lands a direct head kick which Nuno ate to follow up with a flush straight right, which Wittman walked through as well. Other than a single takedown attempt, it seemed both of these fighters were content with standing for the duration of the rest of the round.

Round 3 - Both fighters resume their standup endeavor both attacking with punch combinations. Wittman is taking the advantage with opening a cut above the left eye of Nuno with follow up shots hurting Nuno badly. Wittman continues to storm forward with blistering punch combinations landing at will. Nuno drops to a knee clearly out of the contest and the referee stops the bout at 1:45.

WIN:  Troy Whitman - TKO (1:45 third round)

Lester Caslow vs. Justin Dalton

Round 1 - The bout starts and its all Carlow from the opening bell. He lands pin point accurate punches which puts Dalton down early. Carlow follows Dalton down with Dalton turtled up as Carlow went to work from punches to the side of the head to elbows. Dalton scrambles, but is caught in an arm in guillotine which Dalton taps to at 2:11 of the opening stanza.

WIN:  Lester Caslow - Submission (2:11 in first round)

Claudio Ledesma vs. Dave Morgan

Round 1 - Ledesma being the taller fight opens the bout looking to keep Morgan at bay. Morgan is very intelligent in his timing as he easily ducks under for a takedown. Ledesma scrambles to his feet and takes over the contest with his striking combinations hurting Morgan forcing him to shoot which Ledesma easily avoids and starts with heavy ground and pound, each shot seeming to hurt Morgan with each one connecting. He then attempts the guillotine which Morgan works through, but ends up giving his back up for Ledesma to sink the Rear Naked Choke at 2:49 of the first.

WIN:  Claudio Ledesma - Submission (2:49 of first round)

Stephen Regman vs. Shelby Graham

Round 1- Both fighters start the contest exchanging various kicks for some time. Regman clearly being the bigger fighter stalks Graham for a good portion of the round. Regman scores most of the successful striking in the first. Graham made attempts to counter, but Regman ended the round in control.

Round 2 - Both fighters start the round slow pawing jabs. Regman throws and lands a thudding lead leg head kick which awakens Graham to blister forward with punch combinations to bak Regman into the cage. Regman quickly gets the reversal and gets the contest to the floor, which he again controls. Regman has enough of the ground and let's Graham stand and Regman immediately hurts Graham with his punches and drops him. Smelling blood in the water, Regman pounces on Graham viciously, but Graham weathers the storm to stay in the fight and bring on a third round.

Round 3 - Round 3: Both fighters start slow sizing up their opponent. This round was all Regman as his leg kicks dictated the pace of the round and opened Graham up for Regmans heavy striking. Regman seemingly had Graham hurt several times from his punch to knee combinations. Graham, again being the tough fighter full of heart, weathered the storm until the end. In the end Stephan Regman takes the contest via unanimous decision

WIN:  Stephan Regman - Unanimous Decision

Bradley Desir vs. Jeremiah Wells

Round 1 - Both fighters start the contest sizing up their opponent with Desir's striking looking crisp. Wells has enough of the standup and gets Desir to the floor having a clear grappling advantage landing some ground and pound and maintaining position. Desir scrambles but Wells rides him to take Desir's back and gets the body triangle looking for submissions. Has enough and gets him to the floor to land some ground and pound and in dominant position to close the first. 

Round 2- Desir starts the second round trying to keep a distance but Wells is able to get the takedown again having the clear grappling advantage landing some ground and pound and maintaining position. Desir scrambles but Wells rides him to take Desir's back and gets the body triangle looking for submissions. At 4:35 of the second, Wells locks the rear naked choke for the win.

WIN:  Jeremiah Wells - Submission (4:35 in second round)

Corey Bleaken vs. Jared Gordon

Round 1 - Both fighters waste no time throwing bombs with Gordon looking in control. The fight hits the ground with both fighters scrambling. Gordon looks for the guillotine choke which looks tight, Bleaken squirms out of to stand back up and start firing strikes of his own. He gets Gordon go the floor looking for ground and pound opportunities until the first bell sounded.

Round 2 - Gordon comes out hard again looking to secure his striking advantage. It isn't long before the fight hits the floor with Bleaken looking for submissions, himself. The greater part of this round is spent on the floor with back and forth scrambling, as each fighter looked evenly matched in the ground trading dominant positions until the sound of the bell.

Round 3 - Both fighters continue the pace with their striking, but it's Gordon looking to have the better/more active striking hurting Bleaken several times. Bleaken is tough working through the pressure and during a scramble is able to secure Gordon's back for several moments to clear his head, Gordon is able to get loose as the fight stays standing with some striking combinations to close down the contest. 

WIN:  Jared "Flash" Gordon - Decision 

Anthony Terrell vs. Brett Martinez

Round 1 - Both fighters have a brief feeling out process exchanging shots until Martinez scored takedown but can't keep Terrell down long. They return to center of the cage with Terrell looking to get the better striking while he stalks Martinez. Martinez attempts a shot which is seen and thwarted off from Terrell. Terrell continues to stalk Martinez, but in the midst of a punch combination, Martinez ducks getting the ankle pick and getting Terrell to the ground. Terrell is able to reverse and the fighters get DJ to their feet. Martinez attempts a few more shots, but Terrell looks to have an advantage with his striking to close the round.

Round 2 - The second round starts with Terrell keeping his distance picking his shots it's clear Martinez wants the fight on the floor as he takes another shot but is reversed by Terrell who lands on top. The fighters stand with Terrell returning to his striking ways. He throws a lead knee to Martinez' midsection at 2:51 of the second which drops him and has him tapping out due to strikes.

WIN:  Anthony Terrell - Submission (2:51 in second round)


CFFC Flyweight Title Fight:  Sidemar Honorio vs. Darren Mima

Round 1 - Mima starts quickly, but it's Honorio throwing the flashy kicks. During a heated exchange Mima scores a brief takedown but doesn't stay there and let's Honorio to his feet. The fight doesn't stay standing as both fighters exchange briefly and hit the floor again. This time Honorio has the dominant position on the floor. Both fighters scramble for each others legs but Honorio secures the Achilles lock at 2:54 in the opening stanza declaring him the new CFFC Flywight champ.

WIN: Sidemar Honorio - Submission (2:54 in first round)


CFFC Featherweight Title Flight:  Alexandre "Popo" Bezerra Da Silva vs. Levan Makashvili

Round 1 - Both fighters paw with their strikes to feel each other out. Bezerra starts firing his leg kicks, but Makashvili times the kicks to catch and come forward with his punches. Makashvili is able to get ahold of Bezerra's back briefly as he attempted heavy dumps, but Bezerra is able to reverse and separate. The rest of the round continues with back and forth striking to close a very close round.

Round 2 - The second round starts with both fighters exchanging. Bezerra clearly has the more technical striking, but Makashvili is keeping up and making attempts for the takedown. In the middle of the round Bezerra attempted a kick to the body, but Makashvili times it with the catch and picks up Bezerra for the dump against the cage. Bezerra gets to his feet and the fighters resume their crisp striking exchanges. Makashvili switches levels for the takedown several times to close the round. He doesn't keep Bezerra down long, but is scoring points.

Round 3 - Makashvili has Bezerra on the ground within 30 seconds, but again. Can't keep him down long. Bezerra returns to his feet to get the reversal seeking his own takedown with Makashvili pressed against the cage. Both fighters scramble and get reversals on each other while landing their respective strikes. Towards the end of the round Makashvili starts getting sloppier and wider with his striking. In a takedown attempt on Bezerra, Bezerra was able to lock up a dangerous looking knee bar, but Makashvili gets out with minimal time left as he searches for the late takedowns to leave a stamping impression on the judges.

Round 4 - This round slowed the pace a tad as both fighters took their time setting up their strikes. Not much ground action with both fighters finding the standup department more fitting. Makashvilli shoots successfully once, but Bezerra bounces back to his feet quickly. Bezerra maintains his technical striking while Makasvhili Is pressuring forward throwing bombs to close the round.

Round 5 - The crowd seems to be turning pro-Makasvhili erupting in cheers after his every strike. Makasvhili is coming forward, but Bezerra is precisely counter punching. Bezerra lands a crisp straight right that looked to stagger Makashvili, but Makashvili immediately fires back with a thudding one-two combo. Sensing the end of the bout is near, both fighters start swinging for the fence to put their last efforts in for this contest. At the end of this 5 round title fight, the judges score it as a unanimous decision for the new champion, Levan Makashvili as he takes the title away from Alexandre Bezerra in their rematch.

WIN: Levan Makashvili - Unanimous Decision 

Image Credit: CFFC's Website

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