WCC 12 Recap

World Cagefighting Championships closed their year with WCC 12 on December 12 in Lancaster, Pa., their third event within a month's time. The final WCC event of 2014 was filled with submissions, including the first female fight in the promotions history which ended in an omoplata, which was also a first for the promotion. Plus, Desmond “M80” Moore returned to the cage for his third pro fight, and third straight TKO victory. 

Here's a look at the highlights.

 In the main event of the evening, Blaine “Shutt Down” Shutt returned to the cage to face Alejandro Zea in a 125 lb pro contest. In the opening round the fighters had a feeling out process with Shutt firing leg kicks and head kicks. Zea rushed forward for the trip but Shutt reversed it searching for Zea's back. Zea was doing a solid job defending Shutts advancements but Shutt finally got what he wanted, taking Zea's back and flattening him out. Zea got the reversal and in a scramble grabbed Shutt's leg looking for a leg lock. Shutt defended well and was able to get out, Zea landed on top in a scramble but Shutt went from the armbar attempt to securing a triangle which looked tight from the gate. Zea desperately tried to escape by attempting to step over the submission, but Shutt has the lock too tight, and gets the tap at the 4:19 mark of Round 1 by triangle choke,

The co-main event of the evening and's KO of the Night honor went to Moore, who successfully scored his third consecutive pro win by TKO against Adam Roll. Moore wasted no time getting back to action with his last fight taking place at WCC 10, just a month ago. Roll started the opening round trying to utilize his reach but Moore did a fantastic job being the shorter fighter, finding holes and getting in and out of the pocket as he rocked Roll early in the bout, dropping him to his knees. Moore let Roll back up and followed with a heavy slam, but quickly returned to his feet clearly seeing the striking advantage. Moore was on cruise control for the duration of the opening round popping heavy jabs at will and seemingly having Roll nervous as Moore continued to rock him with heavy punches at will. Moore wobbled Roll several times in the first round but took his time to pick Roll apart systematically. The first round closed with Moore in dominant and clear control hurting Roll with almost every strike connected.

Roll started the second stanza again trying to utiiize his reach, but Moore had his number and avoided everything Roll has. Roll attempted a kick to the midsection which Moore caught, landing a thudding punch dropping Roll yet again. Moore followed Roll to the ground with heavy ground and pound, but Roll grabbed hold of Moore's leg looking for the leg lock. Moore didn't seem to be in immediate danger, and didn't take long to escape. As Moore escaped in a scramble, Roll was able to get Moore's back. Moore quickly reversed against he cage and scored the heavy slam landing into side control. Moore followed with heavy ground and pound with Roll not having much of a defense. The fighters stood and Moore pursued with his pinpoint striking, again landing punches at will. Moore mixed his strikes up from head to body dropping Roll, and this time Roll had nothing for Moore's ground and pound. Moore landed heavy hammer fists until the referee had seen enough calling a halt to the contest via TKO at 4:23 of Round 2.

Submission of the night was a historical one as Kasey Mathews defeated Shannon Schade in the first women's MMA fight in WCC history. Mathews upped the ante by also receiving MMA-Insider's submission of the night honors by pulling off the first ever omoplata in the promotion's history. Mathews was full of emotion after picking up the win -- her first after a two-year layoff, preceded by two consecutive losses.

Round 1 started with Schade pressing forward with strikes to pin Mathews against the cage looking to set up some dirty boxing to score the takedown. Mathews took some damage, but managed to separate. That's when Mathews took over landing pinpoint strikes. Schade stayed very game but took a few hard shots from Mathews. Mathews shot and scored the takedown but Schade was successful in recovering position to secure the reversal. Schade closed the round by landing some vicious ground and pound to the body.

Round 2 began and both fighters briefly exchanged before clinching against the cage with Mathews in dominant position. After some time, she scored the takedown to land in side control. From this point, she scrambled to secure full mount as she fireddown some ground and pound. Schade attempted the reversal, got trapped in an armbar briefly, but escaped to scramble into an omoplata. From this point, Mathews realized Schade is caught, leaned forward to crank the omoplata submission and got the tap at 1:32.

Fight of the night honors went to debut fighter Nick Tunbull, who took out Edward Santiago via split decision in a bantamweight contest.

Both fighters started the bout with crisp striking for being so green in experience. They both slipped and exchanged combinations until Turnbull goes in for the takedown. Both fighters clinched on the cage but Turnbull was able to get the takedown and secure the back with both hooks in. He then attempted the rear naked choke, but Santiago was able to shake him off and called for the bout to resume standing. Santiago stormed forward with punch combinations, but Turnbull didn't seem worried. Santiago shot for the takedown and scored the heavy slam to close the opening round.

The second round opened with Turnbull landing a beautiful straight/hook combo which clearly dazed Santiago, as Santiago closed the distance for the takedown which Turnbull thwarted off. The fight went back to center cage, and both fighters methodically set up their next move. They had a brief exchange before Santiago worked for and scored a takedown. Santiago looked for openings standing over a grounded Turnbull, but found nothing as the round comes to a close.

Round 3 opened with a brief exchange until Santiago shot and scored another takedown. In the scramble Santiago got caught in a triangle/straight armbar but Santiago lifted Turnbull and hits a heavy slam to get out of it. Santiago decided he's had enough of the ground and called for the bout to be stood up. Turnbull went for another takedown and scored a heavy slam himself, landing in side control. The action slowed and with 10 seconds left Turnbull looked for full mount, which he achieved at the last second for some closing points.

The amateur heavyweight strap was up for grabs as Jon Romero captured the title against Steven Sooy, but not without adversity. He definitely suffered through some punishment to earn his belt.

Sooy opened the bout with a crushing single shot that dropped Romero early. Romero battled through, and recovered to get Sooy to the ground, landing in full mount looking for a head and arm choke which proves to be unscucessful. Romero continued by looking for an arm but Sooy did well avoiding any dangers. With 10 seconds left the fighters scramble to their feet with Sooy having Romero pinned against the cage as the bell sounds.

Romero started the second round early by pressing Sooy against the cage, followed by getting Sooy to the ground in side control, again searching for an arm. Scramble after scramble Romero was searching for Sooy's head or arm, Sooy eventually scrambled back to his feet only to be taken down by Romero again as the round came to a close.

Sooy attempted to open the final stanza aggressively with his strikes, but wound up with his back against the cage. Romero spent some time searching for the takedown which he finally secured to land in half guard. Sooy scrambled to his feet, but gpt picked up and dumped on his back by Romero yet again. That finalized the heavyweight title win for Romero.

Here are the full results for WCC 12:

Main Event / (125 lbs PRO) Blaine Shutt Def. Alejandro Zea via Triangle choke. 4:19 in the first round.

Co Main Event / (115 lbs PRO) Desmond Moore def. Adam Roll via TKO. 4:23 in the second round.

Amateur Heavyweight Title / Jon Romero def. Steve Sooy via Unanimous Decision.

(155 lbs) Zak Kelly def. Magic Mears via Unanimous Decision.

(135 lbs) Shawn Jones def. James Murray via Armbar. 29 seconds in the first round.

(145 lbs) Gospel Uche def. Mike Serrano via Guillotine. 1:26 in the first round.

(146 lbs) Kasey Mathews def. Shannon Schade via Omoplata. 1:32 in the second round.

(145 lbs) William Elliot def. Andrew Williams via Unanimous Decision.

(135 lbs) Damien Melendez def. Justin Flahraty via Unanimous Decision.

(135 lbs) Nick Turnbull def. Edward Santiago via Split Decision.

(Heavyweight) Shane Wilson def. Anthony Ferguson via Split Decision.

(140 lbs) Ben Moser def. Omar Kellom via Armbar. 1:42 in the second round.

(125 lbs) Ramon Reyes def. Seth Althouse via Unanimous Decision.



Image Credit: WCC Facebook page

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