Minton Calls CM Punk 'Mediocre Actor'

Tyler Minton wrote a poem lampooning CM Punk and his contract with the UFC and called the former professional wrestler a "mediocre actor" today.

There's been a wide variety of reaction to this weekend's news that Punk, whose real name is Phil Brooks, has signed a contract with the UFC and Minton definitely falls on the negative side of the spectrum. 

An East Tennessee-based fighter with a 6-1 record as a pro, Minton was on Season 19 of The Ultimate Fighter, losing by second-round TKO in the eliminator round of fights that opens each season. He's been mentioned a few places as a possible opponent for Punk's UFC debut, including on the Facebook page of MMA announcer Christopher James, and that's where "Melee" Minton started voicing his opinions in the comments.

Minton added that "Wrestlers are actors, disguised as combat athletes" and referred to professional wrestlers as "oiled up body builders who carry out the desires of terrible screen writers."

Punk isn't the first pro wrestler to make the transition to MMA, or the UFC, with little or no MMA experience. Brock Lesnar is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion. Minton made a clarification between the two, writing, 

"Lesnar is a stud wrestler. CM Punk is a mediocre actor."

Minton declined comment when approached by for an interview to elaborate on his remarks.

The UFC has yet to announce who Punk will face in his first fight, or when, although Chael Sonnen -- who's been a mentor of and occasional training partner for Minton as of late -- Tweeted that he knew who Punk would fight.


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