Apex Spotlight: Baker vs. Hutton Preview

With all the fights on the Apex 4 card it's hard to say which one will be fight of the night, but anytime that Nick Baker is on a card he always delivers.  

Walking away with multiple Fight of the Night awards and a couple of Knockout of the Night awards, it's safe to say that Baker is probably one of the most exciting fighters in the region.  Baker has the nickname "Haymaker" and for good reason, because Baker throws everything he has in every punch, and can stop the fight at any point.  

And while Baker may have an upside down record, don't let that fool you, Baker has fought some of the best fighters in the region.  With the record that he has people may overlook him as an easy fight, but I have fought him myself, and he is no easy opponent.  He hits harder than anyone in the Lightweight division, and I had the knots on my head to prove it.  

The man that will be trying to stop Baker will be Stevie Hutton

Hutton is coming off a loss to Dalton Fox at Evolution Combat Series 1, where he was stopped by TKO in the second round, but Hutton has the skill set to bounce back.  Training at Johnson City Martial Arts Academy, formally known as Tuco O Tapa, Hutton will have a solid camp coming into this fight. 

"This is going to be a tough fight but I know I can win this fight anywhere this goes I will be ready!" Hutton told MMA-Insider. 

This is not the first time these two have faced off.  The last time these two fought in 2013, Baker landed a low blow that Hutton was not able to recover from and the fight was declared a no contest. Baker insists he never delivered a low blow. No doubt both of these fighters want to settle the score once and for all.

With Hutton's wrestling background, this will be another fight that will be a battle of gameplans.  I look for Hutton to neutralize Baker's power in standup by taking him to ground and using his jiu-jitsu skills to take home the victory, but Hutton has different thoughts, saying, " The fans can expect me to come out and show off my skills as a striker."

Baker has greatly improved his takedown defense since switching to F5 MMA so getting him to the ground may be easier said than done.  Baker will be looking to keep this fight standing and use his standup to maybe get another Knockout of the Night award.  

"All I can say to Hutton is... I'm on a mission to be the best!" Baker exclaimed. "New gym, new teacher, new fighter... have fun out there."

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Image Credit: Photo Courtesy of Kel'z Dream Photography

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