Fighter 411: Annie DeCrescente


From: Atlanta 

Division: Featherweight 

Record: 5-3 

Fight Team: Striker Fight Center

Accomplishments: All American collegiate wrestler. Current Valor Fights Featherweight Champion

Most people stay pretty busy during the holiday season, but Annie DeCrescente is taking that to new heights.

Already taking five MMA fights thus far in 2014, DeCrescente currently is preparing for her second title bout in as many weeks. Fresh off a submission victory to secure the Valor Fights Featherweight Title this past Saturday at Valor 17, DeCrescente goes for her second belt in the 145 division this Saturday, December 6, when she faces Jenna Fox for the vacant Conflict title at Conflict 23. The fourth installment of Conflict's Fight Club Series event takes place December 6 from Hardeeville, S.C.

Get to know more about this promising WMMA amateur in the latest edition of the Fighter 411 series here at MMA-Insider.

1) How would you describe your fighting style?

DeCRESCENTE: I'd like to think that I'm a well rounded fighter. That being said, my first combative sport was wrestling. I wrestled for West Hills High School in Santee, CA and finished my wrestling career at University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, KY. I've been diligent on developing my Brazilian Jiu jitsu with Juan Guevara and Steven Broughman. I've been working stand-up with Frank Maryska, Adam Pina, and coach Yusif. I would call myself primarily a wrestler.

2) This is your sixth fight this year, your third title fight--with two of those belt fights coming just a week apart. How have you had to change your routine and training to prepare for two tough fights back to back?

DeCRESCENTE: "I began this camp preparing to fight Peshewa. However, we have been adjusting practices/camp to help fill holes I have in my game for quite some time now. When the opportunity to fight for the Conflict Title came along, I was hoping that I could accept the fight. Once I knew it was cleared And in the books, my coaches and I went to work. I have been training for both opponents and also have been trying to work on my weaknesses as well. The coaches at Crossfit have adjusted my lifting to more cardio type circuits. I feel very healthy coming into this title shot against Jenna Fox. She has a strong record and Good striking. I'm looking forward to putting on a show with her this weekend! I'm sure she's bringing her A game and that's what I want! I'm very excited to meet this girl and for us to put our hands on each other!"

3) Before getting into MMA you were, among other things, captain of your high school football team. How do you think that experience helps you in the cage, if at all?

DeCRESCENTE: "Being team captain as a junior on my high school team was a blast. Football in general makes you pretty mentally tough... you also know that you can take hits from people that are much bigger than you. As far as helping me for MMA? I had a high school coach that pushed me harder than any of the guys- not sure if at first they even wanted me there. I'm pretty sure they were trying to get me to quit most of my first year... by the end of my football career, i was my coaches' favorite. I learned to work harder than everyone else- at everything. First one in the weight room, last one out. Extra sprints and drills after practice... football taught me that my body could do amazing things-anything I asked told it to. It taught me to believe in myself and to never quit."

4) What inspires you to stay on the daily grind that's required to participate in this sport?

DeCRESCENTE: "I love the grind. I wish I loved anything (save my family) as much as I love being at Striker. I always leave there feeling better than when I went in. It's my passion and I love practice."

5) Complete this sentence. After a weight cut and a fight, the first cheat meal you're going to have consists of... ?

DeCRESCENTE: "Ohhhhh God I want beer and some pie! Is that a meal?" Editor's Note: Yes. Yes it is.

6) Any pre-fight rituals or superstitions?

DeCRESCENTE: "I paint my toenails or get a pedicure. i also stop answering my phone about 4 hours before the show. I also have breakfast with my coaches."

7) How can people keep up with you and your fighting career?

DeCRESCENTE: "I have a Facebook athlete page! Feel free to like it! I keep everyone updated on upcoming fights!"


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