PFC 10 Recap

Bout 1 - Welterweight Grappling Bout

Jason Keen (Execution MMA/Grundy, VA) vs. Derick Lambert (Team Advantage/Princeton, WV)

Winner: This fight is ruled a draw after neither fighter was able to get a submission

Bout 2 - Women's Strawweight Bout

Brittany Carroll (0-1, Execution MMA/Grundy, VA) vs. Brittaney Holloway (Debut, Independent/Grundy, VA)

Winner: Brittany Carroll by submission via RNC in 1:11 of round 1. 

Bout 3 - Junior Bantamweight Kickboxing Bout

Austin Baldwin (Debut, Team Brutal/Tazwell, VA) vs. Zane Monday (Debut, Independent/Pilgrams Knob, VA)

Winner: Austin Baldwin by verbal submission in 2:00 of round 2. 

Bout 4 - Catchweight (165lbs.) Grappling Bout

Cody Rowe (Independent/Honaker, VA) vs. Brad Ward (Team Chaos/Grundy, VA)

Winner: Cody Rowe with 2 submission to none via Gogoplata and armbar.

Bout 5 - Heavyweight MMA Bout

John Snider (1-0, Team Ludus/Johnson City, TN) vs. Cody Mullins (Debut, Independent/Pilgrams Knob, VA)

Winner: John Snider by submission via strikes in 1:34 of round 1 

Main Card

Bout 6 - Heavyweight MMA Bout

Ryan Cordle (0-1, Independent/Richlands, VA) vs. Jesse Hensley (0-3, Independent/Hiltons, VA)

Round 1 - Hensley is able to get a quick takedown, and take the back of Cordle.  Hensley is able to land some solid ground and pound and the ref stops the fight.

Winner: Jesse Hensley by TKO in :50 of round 1. 

Bout 7 - Women's Catchweight (130 lbs.) MMA Bout

Hannah Elswick (2-5, Independent/Tazwell, VA) vs. Idella Stewart (2-1, Team Fast/Coeburn, VA)

Round 1 - Stewart starts quick and lands a good cross.  Elswick ducks for a takedown, and Stewart is able to lock in a standing guillotine.  Elswick has no choice but to tap. 

Winner: Idella Stewart by submission via standing guillotine choke in:14 of round 1. 

Bout 8 - Catchweight (190 lbs.) MMA Bout

Josh Boothe (Debut, Independent/Raven, VA) vs. Jeremey Boggs (Debut, Backwoods MMA/Big Stone Gap, VA)

Round 1 -Boggs lands some good shots, but Boothe is able to get in on a double leg.  Boggs is able to neutralize Boothe with a bulldog choke, and is able to get Boothe to tap.

Winner: Jeremey Boggs by submission via bulldog choke in :46 of round 1. 

Bout 9 - Bantamweight MMA Bout 

Joseph Pelletier (1-0 Team Ludus/Johnson City, TN) vs. Carlos Sanchez (Debut, Team Chaos/Keen Mountain, VA)

Round 1 - Both fighters land some good strikes , but Pelletier is able to land a big hook that rocks Sanchez, but he is able to recover.  As Sanchez goes in for a kick he slips and as he gets back to his feet Pelletier hits a big cross that drops Sanchez.  Pelletier jumps on him and finishes the fight.

Winner: Joseph Pelletier by TKO in 1:23 of round 1. 

Bout 10 - Women's Catchweight (150 lbs.) Kickboxing Bout

Sarah Tester (Debut, Team Brutal/Council, VA) vs. Ashley Lyall (1-0, Backwoods MMA/Big Stone Gap, VA)

Round 1 - Lyall comes out showing the more technical standup and Tester is looking for that one knockout blow.  Lyall is able to get the upperhand and lands a shot to the head of Tester, and Tester has had enough.  

Winner: Ashley Lyall by TKO in :46 of round 1. 

Bout 11 -Bantamweight MMA Bout 

Logan Hurley (0-1, Decimation MMA/Wytheville, VA) vs. Nick Keen (3-7, Team Chaos/Grundy, VA)

Round 1 - Logan was getting the better of the stand up this round.  As the fight went to the mat Keen went for some submission but Hurley showed good submission defense. 

Round 2 - You can tell Keen is feeling the effects of the first round.  Hurley lands a big body kick that drops Keen and he's done.

Winner: Logan Hurley by verbal submission via body kick in 1:22 of round 2.

Bout 12 - Featherweight MMA Bout

Shada Blane Hale (Debut, Independent/Honaker, VA) vs. Phillip Adams (3-5, Superior Martial Arts/Claremont, NC)

Round 1 - Adams was able to make quick work of Hale by getting the TKO in :18 of round 1. 

Winner: Phillip Adams Hale by TKO in :18 of round 1. 

Bout 13 - Middleweight MMA Bout 

Jordan Lawson (0-1, Independent/Bristol, VA) vs. John Reece (Debut, Backwoods MMA/Big Stone Gap, VA)

Round 1- Fighters came out exchanged shots, Lawson got a take down, took Reece's back and got the Rear Naked Choke. 

Winner-Jordan Lawson by Rear Naked Choke :14 of round 1. 

Bout 14 - Catchweight (175 lbs.) Kickboxing Bout

Andrew Buchanan (Debut, Independent/Grundy, VA) vs. Michael Horton (1-0, Stryker MAA/Bristol, VA)

Round 1- Horton drops dropped Buchanan twice, once with a spinning back fist, and another with a flurry of punches.  Horton easily wins round 1.  

Round 2- Both fighters come out energized, Horton lands a nice combo and a kick. Before Buchanan can recover Horton connects and drops Buchanan

Winner- Michael Horton by Knockout in 1:22 of Round 2.

Bout 15 - Catchweight (165 lbs.) MMA Bout

Gil Goncalves (4-3, Team Brutal/Belfast, VA) vs. Ben Wingo (3-3, Team Chaos/Bandy, VA)

Round 1- We start out with Wingo wanting to stand with Goncalves, and doing a pretty good job of doing so.  Goncalves is able to secure a takedown where is is able to lock in a heel hook and it looks like Wingo was close to tapping, but survives the round.

Round 2 - Goncalves is really working the leg kicks this round, but does connect with a head kick but not much damage was done.  Another takedown from Goncalves, and this time he is able to lock in a guillotine choke and Wingo goes out.

Winner-Gil Concalves by submission via guillotine choke in 2:02 of Round 2. 

Bout 16 - Kickboxing

Nate Summers (5-6, Independent/Grundy, VA) vs. Jose Davilla

It's important to note that Summers opponent backed out last minute, and Davilla stepped in on very short notice.  

Round 1-  Summers controlled most of the round. 

Round 2- Davilla comes out strong, but Summers takes control of this round too. 

Round 3 - Davilla and Summers both look good this round, but are feeling the effects of the first two rounds.  This is a close round to call, and could go either way.  

After three rounds of action the judges score the fight 29-28 for your winner...

Winner- Nate Summers by unanimous decision.  

Bout 17 - PFC Lightweight Title Bout 

Ayron Davis (4-9, Decemation MMA/Wytheville, VA) vs. Sam Baker (3-11, Team Advantage/Bluefield, WV)

Round 1- Fighters come out, Davis lands a few good hits to the head. Davis is controlling the cage and landing more shots than Baker. Baker lands a punch to the head. Davis immediately starts hitting Baker. Davis takes Baker down and locks in a triangle. 

Winner- Ayron Davis by Triangle 2:37 into Round 1.

Bout 18 - Light Heavyweight #1 Contender Bout (Main Event)

Cody Gibson (3-3, Decemation MMA/Wytheville,VA) vs. Shane Wicks (3-0, Stryker MAA/Bristol, VA)

Gibson is another fighter who took the fight on short notice, after Wicks' opponent backed out the day of weigh ins.  

Round 1- Wicks gets the takedown and starts pounding Gibson. Ref Gene Click stops the fight.

After the fight, Wicks states he wants to fight Tyrone Jackson, Chandler Cole and Gage Stanley.

Winner-Shane Wicks by TKO :47 into Round 1. Wicks is now the PFC #1 Contender.


Image Credit: Photo Courtesy of PFC

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