UR Fight 2 Recap

UR Fight 2: Continue The Fight went down last night in Bristol, VA., and MMA-Insider was there to cover all the action.

 Under 18 Grappling Match

Jeromy Michell vs. Robbie Ring

Winner: After 1 round neither fighter was able to get a submission, so with no submission this fight is declared a draw.

Bout 3 - 
Billy Jessup vs. Luke Malchano

Round 1 - Malchano comes in with a jab and eats a cross from Jessup, and the fighters clinch.  Jessup makes Malchano eat a few knees, and Malchano is able to pick up Jessup and slam him into the mat, but gets caught in a guillotine.  Malchano fights it and is able to escape, and now in Jessup's guard.  A few punches from Malchano, but not a lot of damage is being done.  Jessup is doing a good job keeping him wrapped up and the ref stands them up.  The fight resumes, and Malchano comes in throwing wild, then clinches up with Jessup, and puts him on the cage.  Malchano lands a few knees with the round coming to an end, and the rounds ends with Malchano having Jessup on the cage.  

Round 2 - Malchano eats a cross from Jessup, and clinches with him to take him to the mat.  Working from his opponent's guard, Malchano lands a few solid punches, but gets caught in a triangle.  Malchano fights the submission off, and gets out of trouble.  More punches are rained down by Malchano, but not enough to keep the fight on the ground and the ref stands them up again.  The fighters go right back to the clinch, and Jessup sweeps the legs of Malchano from under him and lands in mount.  Jessup lands some big elbow, and the ref steps in to stop the fight.  

Winner:Billy Jessup by TKO in 2:27 of round 2.  

Bout 4 - Cage Man Lightweight Final: Daniel Fonardarno vs. Victor Ortega 

Round 1 - Fonardarno looks to be the more techinal fighter, and Ortega seems to be going for the takedown/clinch in this round. In my opinion, Fonardarno took the round with more punches landed.  

Round 2 - Fonardarno is landing at will, and hits two big head kicks in this round that almost sends Ortega to the mat.  Another round to Fonardarno.  

Round 3 -  Ortega rushes Fonardarno, and attempts to clinch with him again, Fonardarno is landing at will yet again, and Ortega is just trying to clinch with him.  Fonardarno is unable to finish him, and we go to a decision.

After 3 rounds of action we go to the judges scorecards and they score the fight 30-26 for your winner....

Winner: Daniel Fonardarno by unamimous decision.  

Jeremy Caviness vs. Jon Crews 

Round 1 - Caviness comes in with a big hook, but Crews ducks it and clinches with Caviness.  Crews is able to get a slam and take Caviness to the mat.  Working from mount Crews lands a couple of small punches to the body of Caviness, but Caviness is able to reverse the position, and land in his opponenets guard.  Caviness goes for some big punches, but Crews is able to trap the arm and lock up an armbar, and is able to get Caviness to tap.

Winner: Jon Crews by submission via armbar in 1:12 of round 1. 

Grappling Bout

Harvey Addison vs. Chandler Cole

This bout has a nice story to it, Addison is nearly completely blind, and cannot compete in mixed martial arts.  So, his coaches did the next best thing and got him a grappling match.  Cole was in control most of the match and was able to get the submission victory, but the heart that Addison showed is enough to be called a warrior.  

Winner: Chandler Cole by armbar.

Bantamweight Bout

Shane Hazelwood vs. Mike Peak

Round 1 - The fighters feel each other out first, and Peak goes for a takedown, but Hazelwood makes him eat a knee for his troubles.  The fighters go back to circling, and Hazelwood lands a big cross that drops Peak to the mat.  Hazelwood follows it up with a couple of punches and the ref steps in to stop it. 

Winner: Shane Hazelwood by TKO in :49 of round 1. 

Featherweight Bout

Josiah Johnson vs. Jeremy Glass

Round 1 - Glass throws a big head kick that is partially blocked by Johnson.  The fighters clinch and Johnson puts Glass on the cage.  Johnson throws some big knees, and one just happens to connect under the belt of Glass and the ref gives a warning to Johnson.  Glass recovers, and the fight resumes.  Johnson is working the jab, and Glass is looking for the clinch again.  He eventually gets it after a few tries and puts Johnson on the cage.  Johnson is able to fight out of it and we are back to the center.  The fighters exchange punches, and Johnson lands a big cross that knocks Glass to the mat, but he is able to get back to his feet.  Glass starts to work some leg kicks, but Johnson is using his jab cross combo perfectly.  The round comes to an end with both fighters on their feet.  

As the fighters are in their corner the ref calls the fight because Glass is unable to continue. 

Winner: Josiah Johnson by verbal submission in 3:00 of round 1.

Women's Bantamweight Bout

Joy Miller vs. Hannah Elswick

Round 1 - Miller starts with a leg kick, and Elswick tries to answer, but eats a cross.  The fighters come back in exchanging punches then clinch.  Miller is able to land in top position as the fighters fall to the mat.  Not enough action in the ref's eyes and he stands them up.  The fighters clinch up, and Miller is landing some big knees.  Elswick pushes her to the cage, and gets a double leg takedown.  Working from guard, Elswick postures up and lands a couple of punches to the head of Miller.  With ten seconds left, Elswick lets Miller stand back to her feet, and the round ends with both women on their feet.  

Round 2 - The fighters clinch to start us off, and Miller is able to get Elswick down on the mat and lands in half guard.  The action slows a bit and the ref stands them up.  Miller starts with some big punches that seems to rock Elswick, and she clinches up with Miller to pull guard.  Elswick locks up a guillotine, but Miller is able to fight out of it.  Elswick is able to get a rubber guard, and land some elbows.  Miller finally postures up, but Elswick pulls her back down.  With ten second left, Miller finishes the round on top.  

Round 3 - In my opinion Miller is up two rounds to none, and Elswick needs a finish to win this fight.  Elswick comes out swinging for the fences.  Elswick some big punches and Miller answers with some big ones of her own.  Elswick then shoots for a double leg, and gets it.  Not a lot of action and the ref stands them up.  The fighters go back to the clinch, and Elswick is able to land some knees to the head of Miller.  Elswick is winning this round so far with her intenstity.  Elswick once again puts her against the cage, but is unable to keep the action up and the ref sperarates them.  Both women are giving it their all, and continue to do so until the bell sounds. We are going to a decision.  

After three rounds of action we go to the judges' scorecards and the judges score the fight 29-28,28-29,29-28 for your winner...

Winner: Joy Miller by split decision

Kickboxing Bout

Jonathan Christian vs. Preston Schick

Round 1 - Even round with both fighters landing good punches and kicks, but if I was a judge I would have to give the round to Schick because he pushed the pace more.  

Round 2 - Schick is taking control the round, and is able to get two knockdown in this round.  With that being said Schick is able to take this round easily. 

As the fighters are in their corners the ref calls the fight.

Winner: Preston Schick by verbal submission in 3:00 of round 2



Devon Bailey vs. Gil Goncalves

This fight had two rounds, a gi round and a no gi round.  Neither fighter was able to get a submission, so these fighters go to a draw

Winner: This fight is ruled a draw.

Terriendez Bryant vs. Austin Cooper

Round 1 - Leg kick by Cooper to start us off returned by Bryant.  Cooper comes in to clinch, and Bryant is able to get to the back of Cooper, but lets him go.  Both fighters are back to the center and both miss a leg kick.  As the fighters come in Cooper lands a big knee that drops Bryant, and this fight is over.  

Winner: Austin Cooper by KO in 1:10 of round 1.

Co-Main Event Grappling Bout

Coy Morrison vs. Sam Baker

After Morrison's opponent Jon Hudson weighed in, he never showed back up for the fight, so Sam Baker stepped in for a grappling match.  Baker stayed in control for all of the match, but Morrison showed his strength and was able to last the whole round. 

Winner: Fight is declared a draw.  

Main Event for the Inaugural UR Fight Lightweight Title

Jeff Morris vs. Doug Williams 

Round 1 - Williams starts with a leg kick and Morris answers back with a jab.  The fighters go to the clinch, but only for a moment then separate.  Morris nearly lands a big head kick on Williams.  Morris goes for another head kick that Williams catches and takes Morris down to the mat.  Williams is able to roll over Williams and get top position.  Morris works some knees to the body of Williams from side control, but Williams is able to reverse the position. and  get back to top position.  With the round coming to an end Morris is able to lock up a armaplata, but the bell sounds before he can finsih it. 

Round 2 - Williams starts with a big over hand that misses.  Williams then goes for a shot but it's defended will by Morris and Morris lands in top position.  Morris falls to his back, and looks for a heel hook, and is able to get Williams to tap.

Winner: Jeff Morris by submission via heel hook in 1:02 of round 2.

Our nightly awards are as followed.  Remember these are the people who I think did the best in my mind, and don't always match what the promoter picked.  

Knockout of the Night: Austin Cooper

Submission of the Night: Jeff Morris

Fight of the Night: Hannah Elswick vs. Joy Miller

Now this event may have been a little unorganized, but there were a couple of top quality fights that surprised me.  The Elswick/Miller fight was a great fight and will be talked about for a while, and I didn't see Austin Cooper winning in the fashion he did.  Mr. Paul Kaldy handled all the changes that came up.  I'm interested in what he has in store next.  

Image Credit: Photo Courtesy of UR Fight

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